www.mampam.comFrogs of Coorg from mampam.com: Hoplobatrachus tigerinus

A large frog that was found on the edge of ponds and lakes but not beside streams.
Specimens found in deep wells probably represent “stranded” individuals. Adults and
juveniles were present at all sites, Only 1 of 22 juveniles caught in pitfalls traps was from
uncultivated habitats. Site 1 was searched 18 times for adult H.tigerinus between 31 July
and 23 August. All animals found were marked by toe clipping. In total 36 captures were
made of 8 specimens, recaptured a mean of 4.5 times (+/- 2.4). No new individuals were
found after the 10th search and all animals were caught at least three times. Schumaker
population estimate is 9 individuals (95% confidence limits 8.2 - 10.9). Many recaptures
were made within 2m of where the individual was first caught, suggesting that individuals
maintain small discrete activity areas during this part of the year at least.
H.tigerinus was not heard calling during the study. Metamorphs were common at all sites,
perhaps indicating that this species breeds early in the rainy season. Mean mass of 12
adults was 140g (+/-49.5g). Observed to feed on crabs and Rhacophorus malabaricus.







Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998