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Rana temporalis is a very common frog found at almost all sites including wells, lakes 1, 2,
3, 4, along the border of paddies, in uncultivated areas and in coffee plantation. No pairs
were found in amplexus, nor were any females or tadpoles seen. Two types of call were
recorded, one of which was only heard when they were calling vigorously or in large
numbers (Chapter 11). Usually they called from vegetation overhanging the water, or in
reeds and submerged grasses projecting from the water. During dry periods this frog
tended to sit in bushes further from the water and did not call. Mean mass of 29 males
was 3.2g (+/- 0.5). Inger et al. (1984b) found R. temporalis mainly in forests, both near
and away from streams.
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Rana temporalis

The call of this frog consists usually of a single croak lasting about 0.1 seconds, with a dominant frequency of 3.1kHz and strong spectral sideband at 3.1kHz. Most of the energy is concentrated between 0.24 and 3.87kHz. Calls consist of 3-4 pulses, with a duration of 0.005 - 0.26 seconds. The frog also makes some characteristic squeaking noises at irregular intervals.

Call of Rana temporalis

Pulses from call of Rana temporalis

Power spectrum for Rana temporalis

Squeaks from Rana temporalis

Pulses from squeak of Rana temporalis

Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998