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Ramanella triangularis
(WG016WG043 5602)
A secretive frog located only by its calls amongst dense leaf litter and bushes in the coffee plantation and the sacred grove. It was not usually found close to water bodies but a single metamorph was found at Lake 3 in marshy grass at the waters edge. Recorded by pitfall trapping in both habitats, but most common (14 of 20) in the uncultivated area. No measurement of abundance or biomass were made. Inger et al. (1984) found larvae and adults of Ramanella triangularis in tree holes.








Ramanella triangularis

This species was not recorded in the wild. Recordings were obtained from two males in a plastic container in the presence of a female. Chirps have an average duration of about 0.22 seconds. Each is composed of about 29 pulses which increase in amplitude at the call progresses. Dominant frequency is at 1.07 kHz with spectral sidebands at

1.76 and 2.9 kHz. Call energy is concentrated between 0.055 and 3.4kHz.

Call of Ramanella triangularis

Pulses in call of R. triangularis

Power spectrum of R. triangularis

Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998