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P. pseudocruciger was found at three of six larger water bodies. It occurred in both cultivated and uncultivated habitats and individuals were often found away from calling sites. They were seen during the day high up in the trees camouflaged against lichen.Black marks on the dorsum appear to aid crypsis. Males usually called in groups from bushes and trees, but were also often found on the ground. P. pseudocruciger uses branches and twigs to rest on, rather than the leaves favoured by R.malabaricus, and was not heard calling from higher than about 3m. Seventeen male P. pseudocruciger had mean mass of 7.8g (+/- 0.52). Two females of 22.5g lost 15.6% and 14.3% of body weight after egg laying. The egg mass of P. pseudocruciger appears to be thicker and stickier than that of R. malabaricus. Some masses were wrapped in leaves overhanging water and some laid among submerged grasses. One mass found was infested with maggots. Tadpoles and metamorphs were very abundant at some sites. The hourglass pattern appears on the tadpole just after the the hindlegs have developed full webbing and prominent stripes. It first appears as a triangle between eyes just before forelimbs develop, which occurs over night. After forelimb development the tailed frogs can leave water and are good jumpers. They stay in vicinity of water and may lose tails quickly.









Polypedates pseudocruciger

The call of this species is very variable. Energy is concentrated between 0.64 and 3.3kHz. Fundamental frequency is 0.98kHz with dominant frequency at 1.94kHz.

Call of Polypedates pseudocruciger

Pulses from call of P. pseudocruciger

Power spectrum for P. pseudocruciger

Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998



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