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This species was found at the concrete tanks and wells, and at lake 1 and 2, but was most
in evidence clustered around the concrete tank. Usually found on brash and overhanging
vegetation and singly spaced on most nights. Maximum density was estimated at 5 per m2
around the tank. Females were occasionally found at the tank and at lake 1 and were
recognised by their comparatively large size. When stressed they changed colour from
dark brown to a very pale green. Calling individuals were always brown. Their call was
very quiet and could easily be missed amongst the noise of the flying frogs and
P.pseudocruciger. The metamorphs of this species were also bright green and similar
colouration to flying frog metamorphs but distinguished by the lateral yellow stripes and
their slightly smaller and less robust build. A foam nest was laid by one female which
was found to contain approximately 30-40 eggs (each 2mm diameter). A female lost
13.3% of her body weight after laying eggs; The weight of the female before laying was
3g and after 2.6g. The mean mass of 15 males was 1.3g (+/- 0.1). The discovery of this
frog is remarkable because, according to Dutta (1997) it is known only from the type
specimen, collected more than 120 years ago.








Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998



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