www.mampam.comFrogs of Coorg from mampam.com: green Philautus sp.

A very shy frog found close but not adjacent to water bodies. It was present on coffee
plants and in uncultivated areas where it called from vines. Here six frogs were heard in a
4m2 area, calling from heights above 2m. The frog calls from the top of coffee trees and
climbs under leaves when disturbed. In uncultivated habitat calling individuals were
always clustered, in coffee plantation they were sometimes heard singly. Not found with
any other frog except R. lateralis and the yellow-thighed Philautus. The frog is a light
green when calling but darker when disturbed and in the morning (captives). Only found
with one other species; the yellow-thighed popping frog. Similar in habit to P. femoralis
as described by Inger et al. (1984b).


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Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998