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This frog was recorded at only two sites. At the beginning of the study ten or more males
were found nightly, calling 1-2m above the ground from the leaves of Canna orientalis
(Family Cannaceae) around a well. Males were spaced 1-2m apart. When the vegetation
was cleared the frog disappeared. This species was heard but not seen in the uncultivated
part of the estate, calling from above head height in trees. Distribution was clustered but
individuals may have been separated by elevation. We noted an insect with a very similar,
but more highly pitched, call.


Gold Philautus






Golden Philautus sp.(WG008)

The call of this frog consists of a rapidly repeated (about three times per second) “chink”, sometimes preceded by a trill. Chinks consist of up to 20 pulses, typically 6 or 7.and have a duration of about 0.32 seconds. Trills consist of 9 short chirps of about 0.015 seconds duration, each composed of 2-3 pulses. Dominant frequency is at about 2.65kHz with spectral sidebands at 5.20, 8.88, 11.0 and 12.99kHz. Energy is concentrated between 1.94 and 2.38kHz.

Figure 1 Call of golden Philautus sp. Pulses from chirp of golden Philautus sp.

Fig. *.*Power spectrum of golden Philautus sp.

Pulses from trill of golden Philautus sp.

Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998



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