www.mampam.comFrogs of Coorg from mampam.com: Euphlyctis cynophlyctus

This frog was found at five of six larger water bodies, in puddles, ponds and a concrete tank,
where predation by a chequered keelback (Xenochrophis piscator) was observed. It
occurred in both cultivated and uncultivated parts of the estate. Differences were
observed in colouration between frogs found in puddles and more permanent water
bodies. E.cyanophlyctus was always seen in the water. Males appeared to be territorial,
usually maintaining distance from each other and calling in trills. Males close to each
other make various chirping calls and act aggressively. Amplexus was not observed in
this species.

Call 2







Euphlyctus cynophlyctus

The advertisement call of this frog is a trill lastsing about 1-1.5 seconds. It is composed of about 15 chirps, each consisting of a single pulse, with a fundamental frequency of 0.13kHz, a dominant frequency of 1.5kHz and strong spectral sidebands at 3.3, 4.7 and 6.3kHz . Average pulse length is about 0.012 seconds with mean interval of about 0.065 seconds.

Advertisement call of E. cynophlyctus

Pulses from advertisement call of E. cynophlyctus Power spectrum of advertisement call of E. cynophlyctus

Territorial call of E. cynophlyctus

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