www.mampam.comFrogs of Coorg from mampam.com: Rana curtipes

The coolest frog in Coorg. Common. Great variation in colours. Males do not have a
large distended vocal sac like many frogs when calling which looks like heavy breathing.
Common in the sacred grove, on the edge of paddy fields, the edge of the coffee
plantation and in and around the elephant trench.. Tadpoles seen individually and in
masses. They surface and dive deeply. Smaller ones lack paratoid glands. The tadpoles
were eaten by keelback snake. Metamorphs were found close to a stream –paratoid glands
visible. Call recorded and tadpoles drawn. Estimates of densities are given in Chapter 8.

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The call of this frog is complex and very variable. Call energy is concentrated between 0.2 and 3.5 kHz with a dominant frequency at 0.7kHz and strong spectral sideband at 1.4 kHz. The calls consist of single pulses with complex frequencies lasting 0.64 - 1.16 seconds. Many chirps contain downward sweeps of frequency.

Call of Rana curtipes

Details of a pulse from call of Rana curtipes

Power spectrum for Rana curtipes