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Not recorded at any breeding sites except a single male beside the path at lake 1. Pitfall
trapping yielded approximately equal numbers in both habitats. Only breeding sites found
were wells and garden ponds. Calls day and night. Males have colourful yellow and
orange throats. No measurements of density or biomass were made.

Call 1

Call 2
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Bufo melanostictus.

The call consists of a long series of chirps produced intermittently (every 15 minutes). Each call last about 40 seconds (Figure 3a). Dominant frequency is 1.59kHz with energy concentrated between 0.55 and 5.3kHz (Figure 3b). The call is composed of a repeated series of a single pulse with four overlapping pulses that increase in speed and amplitude over time. A chirp of four pulses lasts about 0.02 seconds.

Call of Bufo melanostictus

Power spectrum for Bufo melanostictus

Pulses from call of B. melanostictus

Images and text Daniel Bennett and Katie Hampson 2000

Sounds British Library of Wildlife Sounds 1998